Welcome to Permanent Cosmetic Makeup by Terry Lively , a website showcasing the work of artist Terry Lively. Terry has been doing permanent makeup for over 16 years, and is a well-experienced artist, having peformed thousands of procedures during her career in the permanment makeup industry.

Terry specializes in "hyper-realism", a technique that results in the most natural and realistic looking eyebrow hair simulation. Here is a close-up photo of one of Terry's clients. This is healed work, and she has pushed the hair to the side so that you can see the healed tattoo:

Healed eyebrow tattoo

Hyper-realism tattooing is also known in the industry as "microblading". Terry Lively, and her business partner Neely Snow, are the only two permanent makeup artists in the San Antonio area practicing this technique. We are going to post many photos on this website of this hyper-realism microblading technique, as well as photos of permanent eyeliner and permanent lip color. We also suggest you check out Terry's Facebook page, where she posts photos daily of her most recent permanent cosmetic makeup work. The link to her Facebook page can be found on the sidebar to the left.

Close up view of permanent eyebrow hair simulation and eyeliner tattoo

Natural looking hair simulation via microblading Permanent makeup eyebrows done with natural hair simulation

Permanent cosmetic makeup can simplify your life. Some people spend up to an hour or more applying eyebrow or eyeliner makeup. Others repeatedly apply lip color throughout the day. In the hot summers in Texas, we struggle with keeping our eyebrows and eyeliner on throughout the day. With permanent cosmetics, this is not necessary. No more worries about smeared makeup!

What does Terry charge for her work? Eyebrows, including microblading technique, are $300. Upper and lower eyeliner is $200, and for full lip color she charges $300. These prices include one free touchup if needed within two months of the original procedure.

So you have made the decision to have permanent cosmetics done, what next? You need to choose a skilled and experienced permanent makeup artist. If you are not sure what to look for, read the following article:

Choosing A Reputable Permanent Makeup Artist


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